The view from hell is great when woman walk by !


Wise old wooden table

Wooden table
Wise old wooden table, you never complain, all the things you’ve been through all the laughter and pain, all the things you’ve heard and yet you never share, keeping all our secrets as if you couldn’t care, The other day upon you we lay nude and bare being very loud, and sweating everywhere, still you didn’t talk, you just stood still there, this wise old wooden table… it really couldn’t care! ©


Love n hurt

You speak of love like you know what it means? You speak of hurt like you know how it feels? I watch love and hurt walk hand in hand everyday, their best friends you can’t have one without the other and that’s true! If love dies it will only hurt, You’ll never feel pain like lovers do. love must be the definition of pain, if you think not you must be insane. True love can only physically die, spiritually it could never unless your love was a lie, true love’s pain is both physical and spiritual. My theory, you only really get one bottle full of true love, a ring and a blessing from above to give someone in life, once its gone its gone there’s no refills which is why as they say, when you know, you know, ya know.  ©