2pac ???

Alive or dead? If he did die, his music never did.


A journey of the day

Hello, hi, blah blah, goodbye, car, drive, im alive, red light, stop. Green go rain n snow listening to the daily breakfast show, fuck it lunch time early I know talkin loads of shit like Jonny bravo, car, drive fukin off home done fuck all except make a phone call, home hello, cookin marshmallow listening to coldplays hit, Yellow. Bed, bang, dream away wake up tomorrow for another  journey of the day.   ©     JKG


Alternate picking, guitar

When you play guitar with a pick try to hold the pick as close to its edge as you can and have it resting between your thumb and first finger

How to hold

this is the best way to control your picking for fluent picking its also good positioning for harmonics which are advanced pitch notes, basically you strike the note with your pick followed quickly with your thumb, you may find yourself doing this without trying it sounds very cool especially on a distored electric guitar, when you play riffs, scales or arpeggio (picking the single notes within a chord) you dont just want to pick in a down stroke this makes playing slower, less fluent and is simply incorrect, you must alternate your picking …  down, up, down, up, keeping your movements tight and fluent, it helps if you count 1, 2, 3, 4,  1, 2, 3, 4  from go you should be picking in this way so you dont pick up bad habbits.



Evil and pain

Taxes, an unnecessary evil on us lower classes, stuck with a number, just another statistic doing nothing, staying this way will kill us, death is on your back, much sooner than you had planned the poor of us don’t have the upper hand, never have, never will some of us would rather kill, but be patient be wise delay your own demise, have faith in the knowledge, keep fire keep hope take it easy on the dope, don’t slow don’t stop because for all you know, a better day is round the corner sunny days in California but don’t say I didn’t warn ya about the evil and the pain, if you drown in self-pity nothing will ever change!  ©