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Babies are funny things, a dream a nightmare splendid until the dirty nappy, heavenly until the non stop screaming, but don’t let that put you off, their really magical… and loud and expensive, they puke on you shit everywhere wake you up at the most horrible times, ahhh the joys… who else do you know who you would let get away with all that? Exactly and that’s why they are so special, babies, to be cherished loved and cared for, the best thing that will ever happen to you, it might seem hard to believe with some of the things they do but trust me its all in a days work. Or as Homer would say … DOH!!


via Daily Prompt: Baby


Demons roam the busy streets of Halloween, disguised as trick or treat’ers, beware, they will lure you in or simply walk through your front door, seeming to be a child in costume they have tricked you, your only defence is candy its like acid to them, it must be the heavenly sweetness but they must consume the candy for it to work so you must be prepared and act quick or you will be dragged to hell!

Or you could just be paranoid from all the horror movies you’ve been watching?

All hallows eve


A leg of a bird, the eye’s of a Toad, or anything found on the side of a road, a locket of hair from over there you’ll follow a trail of dead fingernails. As black as the night a horrible fright the Witches are here on Halloween night. A potion of fear the devils delight, the wickedest Witch a terrible sight, you think to run but try as you might the Witches will get you on all … Hallows  … Night!  ©


Hell’s Gates

The red sea whispers notes of blood, story’s of hells gates bursting open from the flood, the flood of evil being sent from earth the devil he trembles at human births, there was no demons in hell untill earth sent them, the devil was a disgruntled grave digger who dug so deep he struck hell, mad at the world and under a spell, he decided to stay in the fires of hell,  he found peace from the world and its terrible smell of evil and pain and was happy again, hell was hot but not evil untill earth sent a load of fucked up people, even the fires could’nt burn away the souls of suicidal phycho’s so they left human form to that of the demon, the devil got scared but infected by the virus he became the anti-christ in a bid to protect himself, but now even hell can’t contain the virus, what are we going to do?

We need a fucking big ladder to heaven!  ©    JKG

Demon night

A candle in the night wicker flames burn so bright the smell of death can be so slight but only in the daylight, gravestones move the soil rises the grave digger cries,  I really fuckin hate surprises, awake in bed safe n sound better than your dream of being drowned, ready for the day and all it pays scared of the night that’s coming your way!  ©  JKG