The view from hell is great when woman walk by !



Sleeping in the night dreaming about the day, dreaming in the sunlight for the day to go away, watching the stupid clock slowly tic toc, keeping up a smile that hasn’t been real for while, listening to the orders from the bosses mouth, like I give a fu#k, why do you have to shout? I’m standing right in front of you with perfectly good ears, you should go home to your wife, she aint been fu#ked in years. It’s finally time to go home but only for the night, tomorrow I’ll be back here, doing this fu#king shiet! ©


Wise old wooden table

Wooden table
Wise old wooden table, you never complain, all the things you’ve been through all the laughter and pain, all the things you’ve heard and yet you never share, keeping all our secrets as if you couldn’t care, The other day upon you we lay nude and bare being very loud, and sweating everywhere, still you didn’t talk, you just stood still there, this wise old wooden table… it really couldn’t care! ©