How can you label us greedy when we ain’t got nothing!

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Babies are funny things, a dream a nightmare splendid until the dirty nappy, heavenly until the non stop screaming, but don’t let that put you off, their really magical… and loud and expensive, they puke on you shit everywhere wake you up at the most horrible times, ahhh the joys… who else do you know who you would let get away with all that? Exactly and that’s why they are so special, babies, to be cherished loved and cared for, the best thing that will ever happen to you, it might seem hard to believe with some of the things they do but trust me its all in a days work. Or as Homer would say … DOH!!


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Demons roam the busy streets of Halloween, disguised as trick or treat’ers, beware, they will lure you in or simply walk through your front door, seeming to be a child in costume they have tricked you, your only defence is candy its like acid to them, it must be the heavenly sweetness but they must consume the candy for it to work so you must be prepared and act quick or you will be dragged to hell!

Or you could just be paranoid from all the horror movies you’ve been watching?