Hell’s Gates

The red sea whispers notes of blood, story’s of hells gates bursting open from the flood, the flood of evil being sent from earth the devil he trembles at human births, there was no demons in hell untill earth sent them, the devil was a disgruntled grave digger who dug so deep he struck hell, mad at the world and under a spell, he decided to stay in the fires of hell,  he found peace from the world and its terrible smell of evil and pain and was happy again, hell was hot but not evil untill earth sent a load of fucked up people, even the fires could’nt burn away the souls of suicidal phycho’s so they left human form to that of the demon, the devil got scared but infected by the virus he became the anti-christ in a bid to protect himself, but now even hell can’t contain the virus, what are we going to do?

We need a fucking big ladder to heaven!  ©    JKG


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