The light is fading the moon is weird evil lurks and blood is smeared across the wall where sinners fall. Tall and thin short and fat beware the green eyes of a witches cat, vampires fly in the night sky looking for blood, you better sharpen some wood. Dracula awakes, quick smack him with the stake, lace him in holy water and don’t be fooled by his daughter. The wolfman is prowling listen … You can hear him growling, running through the tree’s with his cursed disease, watch you don’t get bitten or ragged to death, he’ll slash untill literally there aint nothing left. The beautiful witches only look good tonite for in the morning they’ll be an awful sight, all hallows eve their one and only chance to lure you in with their magical trance, once smitten you’ll be written, into the pages of death and your words of love to a witch will have been your last breath!

So stay safe on hallows eve its only make-believe but the devils a trickster and you have been fooled, now rise from the grave all you devilish ghouls!  ©



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