Daily Prompt: Careful

On a dark cold night in the middle of winter, you find yourself walking alone thinking and wishing you were snuggled up at home, you feel eyes on you from everywhere all you want is the sound of comfort from your phone, please somebody call me, text me I have no credit, I just need a voice so I don’t feel all alone, I’ll pretend I’m talking to you maybe then they’ll go away but the eyes that follow are persistent and stay, fuck, fuck, fuck now I’m getting scared I keep talking to you but you don’t say a word, this is not working , I’ll have to run but in these high shoes that won’t be much fun, I feel I’m at a loss and I’m out of ideas My makeup is running from my trembling tears, as I turn to fight I’m blinded by a light but a comforting voice asks “are you alright?”…  It was the police much to my delight and I finally made it home and everything was alright.  ©

  1. when leaving somewhere late on your own change into some flat shoes that you can keep in your bag then if you have to you can run,
  2. Always have credit on your phone and keep it handy not stuffed at the bottom of your bag, Same goes for pepper spray but…

The golden rule is never ever walk alone, if no-one will walk with you call a taxi or better yet as sometimes they can’t be trusted, call someone you know to pick you up and arrange this before leaving so you don’t have to wait alone.

Please be carefull


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