Playing guitar

They say you should hold a Guitar in a certain way especially when sitting down, truth be told hold it however you are comfortable with, dont try and copy a famous players position unless you find it suits you, you will only make things harder as if it is’nt hard enough, also try to practice standing up as well as sitting down you will need a strap for support, you will probably find this hard work at first as you will have to adjust your entire positioning but if one day you find  there’s no chairs at the gig at least it won’t be a problem not to mention you can then play mobile even if its just in your house.

Here is a very simple scale for you to try it is called the A-pentatonic minor scale,

(1 octave) – ( meaning short version)  this is in position 1 there are  5 positions to learn

On the G string hit fret 2 and fret 5   (bit of a strech)

on the B string hit fret 3 and fret 5

on the high E string hit fret 3 and fret 5      The notes are A, C, D, E, G, A

very simple stuff, now play it backwards.


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