The truth about learning guitar

With a new year often comes a new you, learning guitar is a popular choice but many people give it up far to quickly feeling it is nyon impossible, the truth is it is very difficult but a mere 2-3 months of playing now and again simply will not cut it, depending on how good you want to be or what you would like to be able to play will set the difficulty level, first of all you really need to exercise your hand and fingers streching across those frets is important and getting your soft fingers harder can be painful and takes a short while (depending how often you play) if you really want to learn you must commit time and patience lots of patience, the best way of exercising your fingers is learning some simple scales you can get these Online or in a book, practice the hell out of them these are riff creating foundations, try also to master a few simple chords G, D, C, A, E are a good start there are many different ways of playing these chords but simple open chords are the best way to start, practice them individually untill you can play them fairly easy then try putting them together 1-2 strums at a time, so G x2 strums to D x2 strums to C x2 strums back to D x2 strums back to G x2 strums is a great start. you must learn the the open string notes starting from the top thickest string, low E, A, D, G, B, high E. This is important but especially for riff playing if you can practice all this for an hour or two a day you’ll be playing simple but great riffs and songs within 6 months give or take a couple depending on the level of dedication, another tip is don’t get the cheapest guitar they are much harder to play, fact, acoustic you can get for around £150- £200 or go second hand for a cheaper deal, electric around £250-£350 would be ok for now, although you will want an amp for that rich sound and an essential for starting out is a guitar tuner you will need it, your local music shop should offer a re-string service for around £10 , take note of what they do or check out online lessons to have a go yourself, it seems difficult at first but it is really easy. To sum up the only way on this planet your ever gonna look and sound cool with a guitar is to practice and do not give up!


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