Easy guitar work out

Ok a very easy but effective way of getting your fingers to strech across those frets is simply starting with your first finger otherwise known as the index finger, on the top thickest string (low E) work across the frets 1, 2, 3, 4 with each individual finger on each fret, keeping your previous fingers pressed down on the frets (frets being the space between the small metal wires running vertical on the finger board known as the neck or the fret board)

so finger 1 on fret 1 finger 2 on fret 2 finger 3 on fret 3 and finger 4 on fret 4, the goal is to keep all fingers pressed down until you reach fret 4, this will get those fingers streching almost as far as they will ever need to go, remember its not just reaching its also applying pressure to let the note ring clear and do NOT land on the fret wire, always land between the wires on the wood for a clear note. once the top string is mastered try moving down all the strings to the last one (the high E string) in the same pattern, when you have mastered that try doing it backward’s. In fairness this is’nt music listening pleasure but if you can’t do this you will find a lot of riffs very hard, so its a great hand work out but also you are laying the foundations of better playing. Have patience if your new to playing it will take a short while, but you will get there.  check out my site as I will post more tips and easy lessons often.   Below are the open string notes learn these it will make life easier,

Top thickest string low E


Next sting = A


Next string = D


Next string = G


Next string = B


Last string = High E




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