Rip off

House prices, car prices, (a fucking joke) you sales people lie, you say “boy have we got a good deal for you “what you really mean is “boy are you getting ripped off” and then we ask is that the best price? You say with that look on your face “I’m affraid so, we’ve already reduced the price for you, I should’nt  have even done that, my boss will go mad at me, so that’s the best I can do for you (knowing full well it is’nt) also (and this is the classic sales tactic) I’ve got two other people interested in this, in fact one of them is coming to view it later on, so I can’t gaurantee it will be here tommorow, best price just for you, take it or leave it. The thing is if you do want it you will pay, in the world of houses and cars there’s no such thing as a good deal!


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