If you stay in the dark to long you will lose your sight, if you dream all day you won’t dream at night, if you are constantly sad you will get depressed, if you get depressed life can be a mess, if you have never known poverty chances are your up your own arse, if you look down at people, well your either very tall or you better start looking them in the eye, if you think your above people then take the blue pill, you know the one that says reality check, if you think your below people take the yellow one, it says get a fuckin grip, if your stuck in poverty but not broken by it, chances are you will become successful or at least not be poor in the future, if you are in poverty that makes you, me and about 79% of the world, if you are rich I hope you give, there’s more pride in giving than keeping or taking, if you are a person that treats others badly “Fuck you” excuse me… Why? If you are a person that lets people treat you badly either leave because they clearly don’t love you, or from this day don’t let them anymore! And finally, try to be happy as often as you can, think positive and keep that chin up. ©



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