setting the scene #3 improv

As you sit there, staring at the wall sipping your freshly brewed coffee, thinking about life and the awful day you’ve had your wife shouts from upstairs, “are you coming to bed?” you reply “yeah just be a minute!” You take a sip of your coffee but you can’t pull away from the cup? your lips are stuck? arrggguuhh or something like that, you hum. Then your eye’s feel as though they are being pulled out of your head, your whole face is twisting off, your coffee begins to violently swirl, you are being sucked in to your coffee head first then “poof!” You regain consciousness to find yourself drowning, you swim to the top and to your utter disbelief it appears your inside your cup, drowning in coffee, you are no bigger than a dust mite, you hear your wife call again, “what’s all the noise?” you try to shout but you have no voice, you hear her coming down the stairs she enters the room, “where are you”? She says, “answer me damn it” you’re trying to scream and splash in utter panic, she turns to the coffee and says ” asshole, just up and left half way through his coffee, well fu*k him, she grabs the cup, all the while your trying to get her to see you but your efforts are pointless your no bigger than a dust mite don’t forget, humans can’t even see you, she makes her way to the sink,”oh bollocks” you say in your head, as she tips you down the sink. Your journey of hell is just beginning! ©



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