The writings


A few short poems or writings as I like to call them, figured they were better off here rather than stuck in a book. more to come at some point! hope you find them interesting but if you don’t its ok. All original material written by myself is copyright protected. any works displayed not written by myself shall be let known and be under copyright by their respective owners, I hold no ownership over such works that are not originally written by me. All my original work is fiction and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. I must warn that certain works contain explicit material  so parental advisory is advised.


    Come my gracious lady lay thee head upon my chest why do thou contest? these gentle hands of mine wish only to nurture you, for dream not they could ever cause you hurt, let me sway your thoughts of confusion to those of lust and ecstasy, as the tips of my hands approach forbidden places on ones body they creep not in trickery, but only in your willingness to want, climax you reach with the movement of my hand a loud screech you do scream, tightens does your grip upon my arm, cut me your fingernails do, down this arm blood flows, as you relax thou grip and quiver in pleasure.. I care not for the blood but that my fair lady feels good!  © .

The sun and the moon

Bright eyes alight with sunshine, what a beautiful sight this burning ball of fire, soon to be the demise of all mankind, but you entrapped us as you burn out, We can smile because of you even though you’ll kill us, we love you. you sometimes hide above the clouds take a break and the rain comes down, but your still up there burning out we’re all waiting for you, you finish your shift and Mr Moon comes out, he’s a nice guy relaxing in the sky, with his light show glimmering he’s pretty cool. When he’s done you rise again bringing your warmth brightly to us, we thank you for this you grow the grain, but you will kill us again and again.  © .  

Love and hurt

You speak of love like you know what it means? You speak of hurt like you know how it feels? I watch love and hurt walk hand in hand everyday, their best friends you can’t have one without the other and that’s true! Because if love dies it will only hurt, love must be the definition of pain. True love can only physically die, spiritually it could never but the pain is both physical and spiritual. My theory, you only really get one bottle full of true love to give someone in life, once its gone its gone there’s no refills which is why as they say, when you know, you know, ya know.  ©.


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